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The public library is the local centre of information, making all kinds of knowledge and information readily available to its users.

The services of the public library are provided on the basis of equality of access for all, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, nationality, language or social status.

IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, 1994


In our library you can find a selection of books in many different languages for both children and adults, especially in English.
Furthermore, through the interlibrary loan, you can access a wide selection of books in other languages.
You can ask to us or search for them at home using our OPAC: choose the Advanced search (ricerca avanzata) and select the language from the drop down menu Languages (lingua)


In addition, you can find lots of useful resources on MediaLibraryOnLine Brescia, our digital library such as international newspapers, conferences in the original language with the possibility to follow them with Italian subtitles, e-books in English, open audiobooks in English, on-line courses  etc.
Moreover, for each type of digital objects it is possible to refine the search by language.