Diario di una schiappa. Giorni da brivido
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Kinney, Jeff <1971->

Diario di una schiappa. Giorni da brivido

Title and contributions: Diario di una schiappa. Giorni da brivido / di Jeff Kinney

Publication: Il Castoro, 2019

Physical description: 217 p. : ill. b/n ; 21 cm

EAN: 9788869665257

Publication date:2019

Language: Italian (language of the text, soundtrack, etc..)

Country: Italy


Names: (Publisher ) (Author )


Classifications: 813.6 Narrativa americana in inglese. 2000- [22] Diari <genere fiction> Umorismo <genere fiction>

General Processing Data (100)
  • Type of Publication Date: Publication Dates 1 and 2: monograph complete when issued, or issued within one calendar year
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Target Audience: children, ages 11-15
Textual Material, Monographic (105)
  • Literature: fiction

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BRESCIA - LA VETRINA (Centro di documentazione della Provincia di Brescia) N R813 62223 UV-62223 On shelf Local consultation
PAVONE DEL MELLA L R813 KIN DIA BR-9892 On shelf Local News 60 days
BOTTICINO N R813 KIN DIA ED-46773 On loan 15/12/2019
BARGHE N R813 KIN DIA SD-10862 In cataloging Unavailable
CALCINATO N R813 KIN DIA EE-36513 On loan 29/12/2019
CASALMAGGIORE NR KIN DIA XB-61194 On loan 06/01/2020
ROVATO R_CRESCERE 813.6 KIN CQ-66739 On loan 23/12/2019
VILLA CARCINA R NAR KIN JEF TS-61515 On shelf Local News 60 days
TRIGOLO NR KIN DIA YY-9870 On shelf Local News 30 days
PRESEGLIE N R813 KIN SP-11729 In cataloging Unavailable
PANDINO NR KIN DIA YP-29558 On loan 31/12/2019
GAVARDO N R813 KIN SH-61759 In cataloging Unavailable
BAGNOLO CREMASCO NR 813.6 KIN DIA YB-31326 On loan 03/01/2020
FLERO L R813 KIN DIA BI-23902 On loan 04/01/2020
NUVOLERA N R813 KIN DIA ES-24378 On shelf Local News 60 days
GHEDI N R813 KIN DIA EK-58990 In cataloging Unavailable
OME R NAR KIN JEF TT-14676 On shelf Local News 60 days
NAVE R NAR KIN JEF TN-49696 On loan 23/12/2019
MAZZANO DIARI R813 KIN DIA EN-44932 On loan 30/12/2019
COCCAGLIO RAGAZZI 813 KINNEY CI-32734 On loan 07/01/2020
GOTTOLENGO L R813 KIN DIA BK-30153 On loan 02/01/2020
CAPRIOLO R COMICO ILC OB-51782 In cataloging Unavailable
AGNOSINE N R813 KIN DIA 13 SA-13012 On shelf Local News 60 days
VALLIO TERME N R813 KIN SV-6641 On shelf Local News 60 days
LUMEZZANE R NAR KIN JEF TK-72654 On loan 27/12/2019
SPINO D'ADDA NR 813.6 KIN DIA YX-23706 On loan 30/12/2019
VEZZA D'OGLIO N 813.6 KIN DIA WO-18950 On shelf Local News 30 days
ADRO R DIARI KINNEY JEFF OA-42881 On loan 02/01/2020
BRESCIA - SERENO NR NR KIN.J DIA 13 HV-37619 On shelf Local News 60 days
PASSIRANO R813 KIN CM-29126 On shelf Local News 60 days
SAN GIOVANNI IN CROCE L NR KIN DIA XS-11474 On shelf Local News 30 days
PREVALLE N R813 KIN DIA EU-23292 In cataloging Unavailable
CEDEGOLO N R813 KIN DIA VJ-15259 In cataloging Unavailable
MACLODIO N R813 KIN CY-8449 In cataloging Unavailable
MARCHENO R NAR KIN JEF TL-27314 In cataloging Unavailable
MADIGNANO NR 813.6 KIN DIA LS-13837 On loan 03/01/2020
CERVENO N R813 KIN DIA VK-4276 In cataloging Unavailable
CELLATICA N R813 KIN CG-18122 In cataloging Unavailable
BEDIZZOLE N R813 KIN DIA EB-32960 In cataloging Unavailable
SULZANO N R813 KIN DIA OR-14502 On loan
SALE MARASINO R NAR KIN JEF OQ-23536 In cataloging Unavailable
CASTEGNATO L R 813.6 KIN CB-47486 On shelf Local News 60 days
FIESCO NR . KIN DIA YJ-14664 On loan 06/01/2020
BOVEGNO R NAR KIN JEF TA-8673 In cataloging Unavailable
CIVIDATE CAMUNO N R813.6 KIN DIA VO-12464 In cataloging Unavailable
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